KorCo as a partner

 KorCo as a Partner – the values we add

As a partner we work on a model of purchasing and sales that are coordinated through our warehouses across the continent. This way, we can flexibly help our suppliers to liquidate their volumes of discounted papers as well as relieve them of the logistics and documentation involved in international trade. For our customers across the globe, it entails that we can service them based on their requirements as well as keep strict control of the quality of our products.

Through the experience that make up KorCo comes also the knowledge of the different logistical solutions that enable a smooth facilitation of international trade. Our strong financial standing also allows us to offer all different forms of financing needed in the markets we operate.

The company’s undivided focus on the segment of discounted papers also transfers to our sales strategy. In this, we work with carefully selected segments and customers which ensures that our sales do not interfere with the core sales activities of our suppliers.